Negin Almasi

Project Engineer

I came from Iran and achieved my MSc in Technical Inspection Engineering 11 years ago. After working over 8 years as a Quality and Project Engineer in the Iranian oil and gas industry, I moved to Australia with my family.

I was warmly welcomed into Verbrec in 2021 as a Project Engineer. In the very first days I realised how many talented and skilled people of different nationalities are gathered here and are working precisely towards one common goal of meeting client satisfaction.

I thrive on challenges, and I have had nothing but fantastic support from my direct managers and others within Verbrec. Each day is different here for me as I am always seeking a new experience to deal with and learn from.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on different projects, and in all of them, no matter how big or small the project was, I enjoyed the team working among the company’s disciplines and the support to encourage me to learn more. You really improve and progress here!

The immediate sense of belonging, meeting a diverse team and learning new skills daily, make my days at Verbrec more enjoyable and excites every morning that I wake up.

I appreciate the care and attention of the managers to their people’s physical and spiritual wellbeing. The top management here has immensely comprehended that “when the people are feeling good then a job would be delivered in high-quality as a result”. I love that there is balance between work and family life which Verbrec creates for its staff.

Verbrec has been my second job experience in Australia and ever since then, I don’t want to look for any other job opportunities! I am very lucky that Verbrec has the same views about male and female engineers, and trusts in women’s power.

What inspires me now is my drive to provide opportunities for my family. I want to set an example for my daughter, showing her that hard work pays off and to teach her the value of commitment and believing in herself.

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