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Verbrec delivers Projects in values ranging from the tens of thousands through to tens of millions for a broad range of Clients, industries and technical specialities each with different Commercial models and Risk Profiles.

Projects can vary from an after-hours call out to troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment, through to multimillion-dollar Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects and high-risk works on live plant. Verbrec’s projects also span a variety of asset life cycles, from a concept study for a greenfield project through to a maintenance system build for a well-established operating plant, or even a Decommissioning project for a now obsolete plant.

The Verbrec Project Delivery Platform (VPDP)

The Verbrec Project Delivery Platform (VPDP) is used on Verbrec’s projects as a consistent standard of project delivery across all scopes and locations.

It has been designed to be scalable based on value and risk magnitude and ensure both the client and stakeholders expectations are met and business risk is managed and controlled.

This standardised approach to project delivery is underpinned by Verbrec’s policy commitment to delivery and Verbrec’s Delivery Values, a succinct 9 step guide to successful project delivery.

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