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Snapper Point EPC Project

Concept study, FEED, Detailed Design, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of Snapper Point Pressure Reduction Metering Station (PRMS) and Lateral which will be located near the Pelican Point Power Station on the Lefevre Peninsula.
Project Summary

LogiCamms, a Verbrec Company has been engaged by Epic Energy to support the connection of the Moomba Adelaide Pipeline System (MAPS) to a 154MW gas turbine peaking power plant near Snapper Point at Outer Harbor in South Australia.

The project involves the following:

  • An above ground connection at the MAPS/SEAGas interconnect pipeline
  • Approximately 170 m long, DN200 CL600 lateral pipeline to the new Pressure Reduction and Metering Station (PRMS)
  • Cathodic Protection of the new lateral pipeline
  • Inlet Filter Coalescer (1×100% with manual bypass)
  • Station inlet safety slam shut valve
  • Single stream ultrasonic metering
  • C6+ gas chromatograph with shelter with flow computer
  • Dual train active/monitor pressure regulation
  • Single train low flow run with Coriolis meter and pressure control
  • RTU panel / telemetry / UPS
  • SCADA system
  • PRMS compound fencing
  • Earthing system at PRMS
  • Civil works and compound fencing


South Australia




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