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A Logicamms Project
LogiCamms was engaged to conduct the design, procurement and implementation of the Process Control System (PCS) for the new flotation plant installed into the existing gold processing plant at Sepon Mine.
Scope of the project included:
  • procurement of PCS hardware
  • development of PLC/SCADA software
  • factory acceptance test (FAT) of the new MCC
  • FAT of the new PLC/SCADA software
  • provision of remote commissioning assistance.

LogiCamms was engaged to deliver the new Flotation Plant Process Control System (PCS) which comprised AB ControlLogix PLC equipment together with a FactoryTalk View SCADA system.

A new Motor Control Centre (MCC) was built in Brisbane and LogiCamms performed its factory acceptance test before it was transported to the Sepon Mine site in Laos.

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, LogiCamms personnel were unable to travel to Laos for the PCS commissioning. To overcome this, LogiCamms and the client’s engineers utilised third-party software to work collaboratively and perform the commissioning works.

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