Roy Hill Mine Process Control System


Samsung C&T


Pilbara, Western Australia



A Logicamms Project
LogiCamms was engaged by Samsung C&T to deliver the Process Control System (PCS) for the Roy Hill mine.
Scope of the project included:
  • supply of PLC (25), remote I/O (103) and condition monitoring (46) panels
  • supply of software licenses, server infrastructure and workstations
  • PLC/SCADA software (10,000+ PLC IO, 33 plants CPUs, ~60 vendor CPUs)
  • IT Infrastructure (PCS servers and workstations)
  • testing and commissioning.

The PCS platform comprised Rockwell Automation integrated architecture with FactoryTalk View SCADA, FactoryTalk Historian, FactoryTalk VantagePoint reporting, ControlLogix PLCs, Flex I/O and Stratix 8000 series networking switches.

Rockwell PlantPax guidelines were adopted to achieve engineering efficiency whilst complying with project requirements and ensuring the final system was endorsed by Rockwell.

SCADA design followed ASM guidelines, and alarm management (alarming, display and reporting) complied with the ISA standards for Alarm Management.

In order to meet the required delivery date and accommodate changing design input data, LogiCamms utilised in-house software development tools to automate the bulk sections of standard code and documentation (functional descriptions and test specifications).

The software development period was compressed from 12 months to 9 months with software tested and ready for site commissioning.

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