RCM Analysis


Arrow Energy


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


December 2019–March 2020

A Logicamms Project
LogiCamms’ role was to carry out an RCM analysis for the Surat Gas Project.
Specific deliverables included:
  • identifying all current reliability improvement initiatives
  • integrating those initiatives with the RCM activities
  • after completing the analysis, assisting with implementation of the combined results.

Arrow Energy wished to increase the duration between visits to their remote wellheads by both operations and maintenance teams, while maintaining the assets’ integrity and reliability at an acceptable level.

The project’s scope related to the activities required to implement these goals in a structured way using an RCM methodology to support all decision making.

The activities carried out by LogiCamms included:

  • providing RCM training, including workshops
  • providing RCM roll-out support in order to optimise the maintenance strategy, modify equipment and manage stakeholders.

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