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PM Baseline

To maximise the production from an onshore wellsite by improving the reliability of critical equipment at the receiving and processing facility. Reliability improvement to be realised through the execution of high-quality preventative maintenance work instructions.
Project Summary

The client has been working to overhaul their preventative maintenance (PM) program and replace their old PM routines with high-quality work instructions that align to their maintenance strategies and industry best practice. A pilot project was done for their highest-producing wellsite, with the intent to roll out work instructions for the entire production facility. However, due to financial constraints, the activity was limited to those assets that would ensure flow from the wellsite, through the plant and to the export point.

Verbrec was engaged with this statement of intent and tasked with first identifying the scope of work and then executing it.

We carried out a bad actor analysis and analysed several datasets using criteria such as production loss, failure data, maintenance spend and corrective maintenance work orders. The critical assets were identified and used to generate the scope of work. We then managed a technical team to generate high-quality work instructions per the scope of work.

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