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Petawatt Hydrogen Pilot

Project Summary

The project was the construction of one of QLD’s first green hydrogen generation facilities, entirely solar powered, as a demonstration pilot.

The system comprised of:

  • a pressurised water electrolyser unit,
  • a hydrogen purification unit providing hydrogen at the required purity for use in fuel cell generators and electric vehicles.
  • a hydrogen solid state storage unit to store product hydrogen at low pressure by adsorbing it to a specially designed substrate.

Verbrec was engaged to provide engineering support for construction and commissioning, including:

  •  compliance to Australian regulations
  • standards for process modules
  • HA design and sign-off
  • design verification and registration of pressure
  • vessels
  • HAZOP: Interconnection of process modules to ensure safe operation
  • vehicle fuel loading design
  • traffic, parking and stormwater assessment for DA lodgment

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