Machine CAPD and PLC Audits


BHP Billiton


Perth, Western Australia



A Logicamms Project
LogiCamms conducts multiple control and protective device (CAPD) and PLC audits for BHP’s mobile machinery across various sites.

LogiCamms has been engaged by BHP to provide the CAPD and PLC audits for their stackers, reclaimers and shiploaders. These machines can experience degradation of safety and protection devices for a variety of reasons, so audits must be performed regularly to ensure that the field switches are operating as originally intended.

The CAPD audits typically take about 6–10 hours and include functional testing, inspections, and operational tests. They are grouped into the following four areas:

  • anti-collision limits
  • long travel limits
  • luff limits
  • slew limits.

The PLC audits typically take 8–12 hours and include a review of the current PLC code compared with the original or previously audited code.

We provide a report on the outcomes of each audit.

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