LogiCamms NZ provided engineering support during the 2013, 2016, and 2019 plant turnarounds.
Tasks included:
  • reviewing inspection reports • performing fitness-for-service assessments of damaged equipment
  • design and engineering repairs for unfit equipment.

Inspection of a high-pressure (180 bar) vessel showed severe corrosion damage from a historical leak caused by poor assembly of a flange joint.

LogiCamms inspected and measured the damage, and performed detailed fitness-for-service (FFS) calculations and analysis, as well as developing a repair option. If it had gone undetected and unrepaired, the leak was predicted to have cost $5 million, including lost production.

We completed the FFS assessment, including obtaining third-party review. This ensured the vessel was put back into service with only minor repairs, allowing the plant to start up as scheduled with no loss of production.

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Relevant Projects

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