Erima Terminal EPCM


Pacific Islands Energy


Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea



An OSD Project
Engineering and procurement of an aviation fuel terminal and connection to the existing hydrant delivery system

OSD is providing engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) services to Pacific Islands Energy (PIE) for the Erima Fuel Terminal Project.

In 2014, PIE gave approval for works to commence on the Erima Fuel Terminal which would include 9ML of Jet A1 storage, bridger, airport refueller loading, drum filling, hydrant supply pumps and piping, and associated systems. The terminal, originally designed and constructed by other parties, later had multiple engineering design and construction defects identified. As a result, neither construction nor commissioning was completed.

OSD assessed the existing design and provided recommendations on the rectifications needed. OSD then delivered a revised design and provided procurement support to commence the demolition and reconstruction of the tanks, piping and hydrant systems.

OSD is currently midway through construction and construction support of the terminal and hydrant interconnect.

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