Critical Spares Assessment


Origin Energy


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


March 2019–July 2019

A Logicamms Project
LogiCamms was requested by Origin Energy to carry out a Critical Spares Assessment for the APLNG Phase 1 assets. The focus was on safety-critical elements (SCEs) and equipment with a high criticality rating based on impact on production.

Origin had determined that there were gaps in the critical spares holdings for the APLNG Phase 1 assets, with approximately 26,000 SCE assets without bills of materials.

LogiCamms provided the following services:

  • reviewed OpenText and liaised with SMEs to identify all previous completed spares assessments
  • reviewed the asset hierarchy against completed spares assessments and identified any assets that still required spares assessments
  • carried out spares assessments for assets identified in a gap analysis
  • compiled a single document covering all spares assessments to be uploaded into OpenText and to supersede any existing documents
  • reviewed current Oracle spares holdings to identify gaps between current holdings and recommended levels
  • created high-level cost estimates and lead times for spares that require purchase
  • completed Spares Finder catalogue request forms for new spares
  • identified and recommended specific requirements for preservation of the required spares
  • built out short-form business cases for any individual items over $250,000.

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