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Energy Evolution Hub (EEH) Pre-Feasibility Study

Verbrec was engaged by Northstar Energy to assess the feasibility of creating the Energy Evolution Hub (EEH) which will produce both green and blue hydrogen and ammonia for domestic and global markets.
Project Summary

Northstar Energy’s Project Polaris aims to generate renewable electricity to fuel the production of green hydrogen.
Northstar needed to undertake a pre-feasibility study to assess the viability of developing an Energy Evolution Hub (EEH) and solar photovoltaic (PV) station near Charleville in south-west Queensland.
Verbrec was engaged by Northstar Energy to assess thefeasibility of creating the EEH which will produce both green and blue hydrogen and ammonia for domestic and global markets.

The EEH considered the development of three phases:
Phase 1: Green Ammonia Pilot
Phase 2: Green Ammonia Full-Scale Production
Phase 3: Blue Ammonia Production


A multi-disciplined engineering team conducted a Pre-Feasibility Study to confirm the viability to produce hydrogen, ammonia, and urea as a dependable and eco-friendly source of energy.
To support the study, the team collated inputs from vendors with a proven track record of supplying processing equipment.
Historical project and industry data were processed to provide technical and cost-related information on new renewable power generation and hydrogen production and storage techniques.


The study centered on a three-phase development strategy, which included:

Phase 1– Green Ammonia Pilot

  • 3 MTPD Green Ammonia Production Pilot Plant
  • 10MW Grid Connection (Electrolysis Power Supply)
  • Water Bore & Pilot-Scale Water Treatment Plant
  • Pilot-Scale Ammonia Modular Storage and TransporT

Phase 2 – Green Ammonia Full-Scale Production

  • 20 MTPD Green Ammonia Production Plant
  • Two 15 MW Photovoltaic Solar Farms
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
  • Hydrogen Compression and Storage Facility
  • Ammonia and Hydrogen Modular Storage and Transport
  • Full-Scale Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

Phase 3 – Blue Ammonia Production

  • 260 MTPD Blue Ammonia Production Plant
  • 460 MTPD Urea Production Plant (~350 MTPD CO2 Capture)
  • 20 Well Gas Development (Blue Ammonia Feed-stock)
  • 10 TJ/day Natural Gas Processing Facility

Verbrec evaluated the feasibility of the project on several fronts, including not limited to, the availability and reliability of resources and infrastructure.

  • For green ammonia, water electrolysis technology powered by solar PV trackers and a battery storage system were theoretically assessed.
  • For blue ammonia, the SyncorTM Autothermal Reformer process was assessed with natural gas as feedstock and carbon capture via urea production.

Additional assessments of market demand, competition, cost as well as potential social, and community impacts were also evaluated.

A Class 5 estimate was produced for EEH in accordance with the AACE International Recommended Practice No. 18R-97 i.e., Low: – 20% to -50%, High: +30% to +100%.


The feasibility study completed by Verbrec confirmed the technical feasibility of producing both green and blue ammonia.
The study allows the client to identify the logistical, financial and market challenges of the EEH. As a result, NorthStar Energy was able to evaluate project investment decisions confidently, with the support of a thorough and rigorous and engineering feasibility study.

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