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Modernisation of BMA Control Systems – Stream 2

Verbrec conducted the Initiation Phase Study (IPS) for the Modernisation of BMA Control Systems and supporting infrastructure.
Project Summary

Verbrec executed the Stream 2 Initiation Phase Study (IPS) to produce comprehensive option analysis and costing for the multi-faceted project, spanning five BMA sites. Scope of the project included:

  • site audits
  • documentation review
  • concept designs
  • class 4/5 estimates.

The study assessed:

  • the replacement of obsolete control system infrastructure with standardised components to allow non-invasive deployment of future value chain automation (VCA) initiatives to improve safety and productivity
  • the delivery of standardised plant control hardware and software platforms across BMA assets
  • ELV and LV control panel segregation options
  • digitisation of the plant data in anticipation of augmented reality (AR) environments for maintenance and fault-finding tools
  • a functional safety audit of safety-related parts of control systems.

The asset database produced during site audits was used in a Microsoft Business Intelligence workflow to dynamically produce an equivalency equipment bill of materials (BOM) and associated costings.

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