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Spotlight on International Women in Engineering Day – Danielle Ye

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On this International Women in Engineering Day, we celebrate the outstanding achievements of women in engineering, acknowledging their pivotal contributions that inspire more women and young girls to pursue careers in STEM fields.

This year, we are privileged to spotlight the exceptional work of women engineers who are not only enhancing people’s everyday lives but also shaping a brighter future for communities worldwide.

Meet Danielle Ye, our Lead Asset Integrity Engineer! She reflects on her journey and shares what inspired her during her career and why International Women in Engineering Day holds significance for her.

Career Journey

Can you share a brief overview of your career path in the engineering industry?

“I started my career with a client-side site graduate engineer role, gaining extensive site exposure across different chemical manufacturing sites. I worked in various teams, including Shutdown, Maintenance, and Integrity. After gaining site exposure, I moved to consultancy design, where I had the opportunity to familiarise myself with the Alumina, Carbon, and Coal industries, learning from many knowledgeable engineers. In 2023, I transitioned to an asset management role, working in the oil and gas and energy industries.”

Impact and Contributions:

Can you describe a project or achievement that you are particularly proud of and how it has enhanced people’s everyday lives?

“As a graduate, I worked on the Orica Yarwun NAP1 NAP2 Waste Heat Boiler Refractory projects. Leading the project during the shutdown, selecting materials, and collaborating with various contractors was a significant achievement and provided valuable experience. The Waste Heat Boiler is a critical component of nitric acid plants, and this project enhanced my understanding of material interactions with processes and degradation mechanisms.”

Challenges and Overcoming Them:

What significant challenges have you faced as a woman in the engineering industry, and how have you overcome them?

“One significant challenge I faced as a woman in engineering was earning respect from other workers. Respect often comes through work, and it’s essential to address any discrimination or harassment immediately by communicating verbally and reporting to a line manager if necessary. Never put yourself in danger.”

Future Vision:

What are your hopes for the future of women in engineering, and how do you think engineering can continue to enhance lives and contribute to a brighter future?

“I hope to see more women gaining site exposure to build fundamental skills and encourage them to seize all opportunities, even those outside their comfort zone. By doing so, we can enhance lives and contribute to a brighter future through engineering.”

INWED and Community:

What does International Women in Engineering Day mean to you?

“International Women in Engineering Day to me is the recognition and acknowledgment of women’s contributions in engineering, ensuring they receive equal respect and opportunities. It’s a significant moment to inspire others embarking on similar journeys or making career decisions, and a time to celebrate the achievements and successes of women engineers.”

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