Malpas Pipeline Design


Monadelphous for the Armidale Regional Council


Malpas Dam to the Guyra Water Treatment Plant



An OSD Project
Greenfield water pipeline design

The Armidale Regional Council was looking to drought-proof and increase agriculture around the Guyra Township and elected to pump water from the Malpas Dam to the Guyra Water Treatment Plant (WTP).

The design included a DN250 floating HDPE pipeline from a low lift pontoon located on the dam, the design of the high lift pump house and an 19.6 km pipeline (DICL and PVC) to the Guyra WTP.

The process, pipeline, mechanical, civil/structural design and drafting included:

  • process design, control and process safety
  • hydraulic transient analysis
  • pipeline design and alignment sheets
  • low lift/pontoon pump layout, high lift pump station layout, high point facility arrangement and tie-in designs and detailed construction drawings
  • earthworks, steel supports, slabs and access road improvements.

OSD delivered the final design drawings in May 2019 and provided construction support through to commissioning in late 2019.

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