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Verbrec awarded Broadlands Biogas upgrade design contract

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 Verbrec has been awarded the Broadlands Biogas Upgrade design for First Renewables Limited (FRL), as part of the Firstgas Group.

The Verbrec NZ team will carry out the detailed design engineering contract for the balance of the plant of the Broadlands Biogas Upgrading facility.

This also includes linking the biogas upgrading unit and RTO with Firstgas metering to enable it to be safely injected into the gas transmission system.

“We are delighted to be able to work together with Firstgas in their support of their development of New Zealand’s first large-scale biogas upgrading facility at Ecogas’ Organics Processing Facility in Reporoa,” Verbrec NZ General Manager Peter May said.

The company will also complete engineering design to upgrade three Firstgas transmission facilities to be able facilitate biomethane injection.

This specifically involves lowering the pressure of a section of gas transmission pipeline to accept the biomethane and designing a new pipeline to connect the biogas upgrading facility to the transmission system.

Verbrec Chief Operating Officer Brad Love said that the company was excited to be a part of a crucial milestone in NZ’s energy transition.

“We at Verbrec are excited to be part of this project and play our part in supporting NZ’s push to reduce carbon emissions by facilitating the blending of biomethane into the NZ national gas grid,” Love said.

This project is a significant milestone within the country’s circular economy, as it is NZ’s large-scale biogas-to-pipeline project that will transform kerbside waste into a valuable source of renewable gas for homes and businesses.

Verbrec is a leading engineering, asset management, infrastructure, and training services provider, operating across the entire asset life cycle.

With capabilities that range from concept design to end-of-life management, Verbrec is uniquely positioned to support clients in their energy transition goals.

Verbrec brings together more than three decades of experience in engineering and operational services to the energy, infrastructure and mining sectors.

In May 2023, Verbrec was awarded the pre-feasibility study for the Mid-West Shared Infrastructure project (MWSIP) in Western Australia.

Recently, the company showcased its capabilities through two water infrastructure projects.

This article was developed in collaboration with the Australian Pipeliner at the time of publishing.


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