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Secure, cost-effective and robust electrical and instrumentation system solutions

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Multi-disciplinary and single-discipline engineering services for a range of industries


Excellence in the whole of life pipeline services

We provide our clients with secure, cost-effective, and robust electrical and instrumentation system solutions that are code compliant and tailored to your requirements. We add value at every stage of your power project.

Power is in our DNA. Verbrec is known for its strong heritage in power systems – particularly in oil and gas, chemicals, mining and minerals, water, transport and defence.

Focussing on cost-effectiveness, performance and compliance for your business, our capabilities include electrical system design, power system modelling, protection design and testing, earthing and lighting system design, process instrumentation and all aspects of installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Areas of expertise :

  • HV, LV & ELV Electrical System Design
  • Electrical Power System Modelling
  • Advanced Protection Systems
  • Hazardous Areas Classification
  • Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas (EEHA) – Design, Inspection & Auditing
  • Electrical Distribution Infrastructure
  • Plant Instrumentation Design (including Functional & Machine Safety)
  • Compliance Inspections, Fabrication Surveillance & Localisation of Foreign-Built Equipment
  • Design of Earthing, Lightning Protection & Electrostatic Control
  • Underground High Voltage Transmission & Communication Infrastructure
  • Total Installed Cost Estimation, Feasibility & Optimisation Studies
  • Installation, Commissioning & Operations Support
  • Specialist Electrical & Instrumentation Training
  • Cathodic Protection System Design (NACE Certified)
  • Brownfield Upgrades of LV Power Distribution
  • Regulatory Services

Our Engineering services include:

  • Engineering services for a range of industries
  • Installation of oil and gas, water and slurry pipelines
  • Pipeline design, construction, commissioning, integrity
    assessment, and operations
  • Hydrotransport Solutions
  • Industrial Cyber & Operational Technology
  • Control systems, Automation & Industrial Data Management
  • Electrical and instrumentation system solutions
  • Hazardous Areas Classification
  •  Regulatory Services
  • Engineering Design and Drafting Services
  • Structural and Civil Engineering Design 
  • Process Engineering

What We Do

Electrical Power System Modelling & Advanced Protection

We are a leading provider of arc flash, load flow, fault, and protection studies to ensure that your power system is robust, protected, and has fast fault recovery. We offer advanced transient, motor starting, harmonics, reliability, and grid connection studies. Verbrec designs and implements advanced protection and substation automation schemes employing technologies including IEC 61850, logic blocking schemes, smart relays, and arc-flash detection.

High Voltage Distribution Infrastructure

Verbrec are your go-to experts for design, procurement, construction, and commissioning for high voltage systems. We ensure your HV systems are cost-effective and secure. We design and install HV substations and switch-rooms including switchgear and all ancillary systems, and we are proud to have been responsible for the design of one of the largest buried HV distribution networks in the Southern Hemisphere.

Hazardous Areas Classification, Design, Inspection & Auditing

We cover all aspects of the equipment lifecycle for Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA) to ensure your facilities are safe, code-compliant, and fully documented. Our services include hazardous area classification, design of EEHA, inspection and auditing campaigns, dossier compilation, compliance documentation, and management. We have EEHA experience in all industries with hazardous areas including oil and gas, chemicals, defense, food and beverage, mining, and pharmaceuticals. We use our experience to provide our clients with EEHA services that address their unique circumstances.

Compliance Inspections, Fabrication Surveillance & Localisation of Foreign Equipment

We can help you manage the technical and regulatory risks associated with the local installation and operation of foreign-sourced equipment. We use our extensive experience and full-service capabilities to provide assurance to our clients of local regulatory compliance with no hidden extra costs. Our services include qualification of suppliers, specifications for tendering, technical and commercial tender evaluations, factory and site inspections, and final compliance certification.

Electrical Distribution Infrastructure & Plant Instrumentation Design

We are experts in the design, construction, and commissioning of in-plant electrical infrastructure for oil & gas, chemicals, mining and minerals, water, and transport facilities. We provide secure and cost-effective HV, LV, and ELV systems that deliver maximum operational uptime at minimum cost. We have extensive experience in greenfield and brownfield projects and are specialists at system upgrades with no/minimum downtime.

Design of Earthing, Lightning Protection & Electrostatic Control

Our electrical discharge systems experience will ensure the protection of your vital facilities and equipment. We are experts in code-compliant and practical earthing systems for LV systems and HV substations, and we provide effective lightning protection designs and electrostatic control systems for the high-risk oil & gas, petrochemical, and explosives industries.

Regulatory Services

With our government accredited in-house high voltage and hazardous area auditors, we can efficiently manage your Australian, NZ, or international electrical regulatory requirements to ensure compliance. This includes the production of full regulatory compliance dossiers as well as managing all energisation approvals for high voltage installations and hazardous areas facilities.

Plant Instrumentation Design

We are leaders in Control and Automation systems for greenfield and brownfield applications including field instrumentation and actuators. Our expertise is in the specialty instrumentation requirements for oil & gas, petrochemical, mining, and water processing plants and facilities. We are leaders in Safety Instrumented Systems, and our functional and machine safety trained engineers deliver solutions that are low-cost, adaptable, and effective.

Specialist Electrical & Instrumentation Training

Competency Training (RTO 31299) provides our client’s personnel with nationally accredited E&I skills and qualifications to provide assurance of competency. Our E&I training courses include hazardous areas classification, design, installation and maintenance competencies, Certificate IV in Hazardous Areas, Certificate IV in Instrumentation, and High Voltage Switching Operations (HVSO). We are at the forefront of using virtual reality technology to enhance practicality and increase knowledge retention.

Verbrec has evolved

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